Friday, October 9, 2009

Essential work continues

The work continues to prepare Just Jo for her two challenging voyages. Some of the essential work to be done includes:
  • HF radio system installation with sailmail and weatherfax functions,
  • Increased water storage capacity by 100 litres giving a total of 150 litres,
  • development of a water catchment system for replenishment at sea,
  • Seabrake emergency steering device,
  • radar reflector,
  • new engine mounts and servicing of the engine, gearbox and heat exchanger,
  • installation of replacement teak seat pads (sick of splinters in my arse); and
  • new sail wardrobe.

As for desirables, I am seriously considering AIS, Broadband Radar (uses extremely low power), Rutland wind generator and liferaft (was going to hire). I would also like a Hydrovane Self steering system but this is one expensive item! That said, the Aussie dollar is strengthening daily which lowers the cost, as you can only buy direct ex factory (Canada) and pay in the currency of your choice.

For example; the complete Hydrovane system cost comparison:

  • EUR 4472 (AUD $7920)
  • CAN$6881 (AUD $7292)
  • USD$6192 (AUD $6852)
  • GBP 3440 (AUD $6030)

So as you can see, considerable savings can be made depending on currency traded. I can readily transfer these systems to another yacht for minimal cost once I am ready to up size yachts for the world circumnavigation. There is the added bonus of having new modern equipment now which opens up the scope of yachts I may look at in the future that do not have extensive cruising inventories (or have older equipment), but are very capable blue water yachts. It is very easy to overcapitalise on a 30' yacht! I also want to be able to remove surplus equipment for the 2011 Sydney to Hobart race to increase her speed.

My current Tender is just over 6 feet long and is only safe with one onboard due to the low freeboard. Great for me, but a pain when I need to transfer guests. Enter 'Just Joey', a 2.4m Pram/sailing dinghy from Boatcraft Pacific. I have ordered the stitch and glue kit and my dad has agreed to take up the challenge, develop a new skill and assemble her in his shed. I will take a small inflatable on the circumnavigation and a liferaft.


Aunty Steph said...

I'm glad you know exactly what you need to do and what you want Daddy.
Love you xoxo Steph

Alchemy said...

Do you still want a 'Hydrovane Self steering system' i have one im selling that was fitted to my......Sigma 36. All in exellent working order less than 10 years old with very little use. Complete with the brakets to fit onto the transom of a Sigma 36 so no messing around finding extra bits. Let me know if your interested. Price i want is £2000.00 as thats what im going to put it on E-bay for. My contact e-mail is ''
Regards Mike Patrick