Saturday, November 14, 2009

Our new 1983 Sigma 36

Just Jo is up for sale to make way for our retirement plan......the Sigma 36.

She left England 13 years ago and has cruised the Atlantic, Caribbean, Pacific Islands, Australia and Asia ever since. The previous owners now have two small boys so they needed to upsize to a 42 footer.

Currently she is named "Rogue Wave" (because 'Sigma' is some mathematical component of a Rogue Wave.....go figure). Needless to say I don't want any association with Rogue Waves, so we are having a family naming competition over the coming months all ready for re-launch next year.

Speaking of family.....I was absolutely chuffed to find the owner had built a baby cot into the aft quarter berth complete with a soft toy hidey hole! Young Aidan will have a nice cosy place next to grandma! With Stephanie coming down next year I can see some happy times onboard with the whole comfort!

Fear not change......

Fortune favours the brave and risks can reap rewards.
So it was when I recently travelled to the island of Penang in Malaysia to view a lovely Sigma 36.......the risks were many however with some excellent support from my broker in Langkawi and a receptive vendor, it was all smooth sailing. The broker arranged my local transport and all inspections, removing those unwanted stressors so I could focus on the yacht purchase.

All was well and my offer accepted. I will return to Penang around Jul 2010 to rerig and carry out some modifications prior to sailing back to Australia.

So now I find change has been thrust upon me by my own hand and my Around the Edge will now be either Up and Over or Down and Under! Planning is underway to assess the best route and time. I may just take the shortest route home next year, save some long service leave and look at doing a shorthanded (2) Around Australia Race in 2011. This option can allow different crew to join me at major cities. I will post some photos of the Sigma 36 in the next post.