Monday, August 3, 2009

Quality Time

I digress......had a great day at the Sydney Boat Show on Saturday with dad. Took him along to act out as the 'rich' playboy just returned from his circumnavigation of Antarctica!! Pointed out all the 'Cougars' looking for the next husband, although he had no trouble finding all the long legged blonde yacht hostesses looking for the sugar daddy!!

What I did find was a distinct lack of nautical design of interiors of the modern production yachts. Sharp corners, laminates, protruding and dangerous handles and numerous other design faults that one would have thought would have been designed out of the marine industry after 1000 years. Very disappointing considering the price you pay for a production yacht. Some looked like a budget motel whilst others tried to mimic a trendy apartment....obviously aimed at the harbour cruising exec or charter operator wanting to make surroundings more 'familiar' to the charterer.

Bluewater Yachts built Charlies Dream which is a beautifully engineered yacht with a craftsman's finish. Seaworthiness, attention to detail, rounded corners and handles, teak interior, maximisation of space and most of all....conformity with nautical design made it a pleasure to be aboard. Pretty hard to get the old man out of that one..........maybe one day.........

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Anonymous said...

glad you had a fun time :)