Tuesday, January 19, 2010

...so how will 'Rogue Wave' perform?

The following daily sailing runs are from Marco Nannini's Blog (Blogstar) site updated during the 2009 OSTAR race. Should give you an idea of how we will travel if we sail as well as Marco! His average was 130.5M a day and only 2 days below 100M - not bad for a single hander in an old yacht. Should do Sydney to Hobart in about five (5) days in favourable winds and seas.

'Two True', a brand spanking new 2009 model Beneteau 40, was the Overall Tattersalls Cup S2H H/cap winner, was 41st across the line and winner of IRC Div 4!

To give you an idea of our performance potential, this years S2H race place getters that had hadicaps similiar to 'Rogue Wave' finished 7th, 14th, 19th and 25th out of 77 IRC yachts!

In IRC Div 4 where we would race the placings were 3rd (three hours behind 'Two True' on corrected time) 4th, 7th and 8th and finished between 5.6-5.9 days with an average speed between 5-6 knots!

Total Distance: 2860M
Distance to go: 250M

Day 1: 130M
Day 2: 123M
Day 3: 141M
Day 4: 166M
Day 5: 70M
Day 6: 150M
Day 7: 172M
Day 8: 162M
Day 9: 136M
Day 10: 110M
Day 11: 114M
Day 12: 126M*
Day 13: 115M
Day 14: 119M
Day 15: 89M
Day 16: 153M
Day 17: 139M
Day 18: 170M
Day 19: 125M
Day 20: 100M
Total: 2610M

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