Saturday, January 2, 2010

Overview - Penang to Bali

Christmas has come and gone so it's back to the task at hand....get the Sigma back home.
I have been working on my voyage schedule, cost and risks. Once identified I will assigning priorities, then breaking down into manageable chunks so my brain doesn't overload!

Overview - Penang to Bali
The voyage from Penang to Danga Bay Malaysia (located near the causeway seperating Johor Baru and Singapore) will be day sailing down the Straits of Malacca. Stops will be a mix of Marinas and anchoring a few times to ensure the gear is ok......there is no anchor winch so the exercise will be good! Day sailing will be safer until I am comfortable with all the systems onboard and besides the fisherman and the spiderweb of nets can be best avoided in daylight! After departing Danga Bay I will keep west avoiding the Singapore Straits altogether and head south down to the South China Sea, then across into the Java Sea and finally enter Bali Sea. I will check in at Benoa HarbourMarina (Bali) for a few days and reprovision.

There is considerable govt red tape involved with cruising Indonesian waters in a yacht and I am wading through the gizillion pieces of info to see what it is I actually need other than a cruising permit and visa. I look at it this way....its all practice for when we cast off indefinitely in retirement!
New Years update this blog a little more often!

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