Thursday, June 10, 2010

June Malaysia Visit

Only 13 days until I fly into Penang to for some well deserved rest and get acquainted with Rogue Wave. My bags are packed full of gear to improve the old girls electronics.....think the excess baggage may be a little hefty!

Seventy three days to go until I depart for Penang to sail home.......but who's counting


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Alchemy said...

Do you still want a 'Hydrovane Self steering system' i have one im selling that was fitted to my......Sigma 36. All in exellent working order less than 10 years old with very little use. Complete with the brakets to fit onto the transom of a Sigma 36 so no messing around finding extra bits. Let me know if your interested. Price i want is £2000.00 as thats what im going to put it on E-bay for. My contact e-mail is ''
Regards Mike Patrick